Pet MD Advanced Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats – Gentle Daily Formula to Stop Itching, Odor and Infections



Is your furry friend constantly scratching or shaking their head? Do their ears give off a funky odor or seem irritated? Don’t let your pet suffer with itchy, infected ears a moment longer! Introducing Pet MD Advanced Ear Cleaner, the safe, gentle and effective way to clean your dog or cat’s ears daily.

Specially formulated by veterinarians, our advanced ear cleaner soothes itching and eliminates ear wax buildup, fluid, dirt and debris. The pleasant sweet pea scent leaves your pet’s ears smelling fresh and clean, while the aloe vera helps moisturize and prevent dryness. With regular use, you’ll notice less head shaking, scratching and odor coming from your pet’s ears.

Designed for dogs and cats of all ages, our non-irritating solution won’t sting or burn, even for sensitive pets and puppies. The scientifically balanced pH helps maintain your pet’s healthy ear environment to prevent infections. Plus it’s made right here in the USA in FDA-regulated facilities, so you can have confidence in the quality.

Give your pet relief from:

  • Itching, scratching and head shaking
  • Unpleasant odors and buildup
  • Wax, fluid and debris accumulation
  • Irritated or inflamed ears
  • Ear infections and yeast overgrowth

The Pet MD Difference:

  • Veterinarian Recommended Formula – Developed by vets for safe, effective cleaning
  • Gentle and Non-Irritating – Won’t sting or burn, even for sensitive pets
  • Pleasant Sweet Pea Scent – Leaves ears smelling fresh and clean
  • Contains Aloe Vera – Soothes and moisturizes ears
  • Balanced pH Level – Maintains healthy ear environment
  • Made in the USA – Manufactured in FDA-regulated facilities


Shake well before use. Tilt your pet’s head to allow better access to the inner ear and canal. Place drops into ear and gently massage. Use daily or as needed to keep ears clean and healthy. For best results, apply after bathing or swimming. Safe for puppies and kittens over 12 weeks old. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

You’ll be amazed how clean and fresh your pet’s ears will be with regular use of Pet MD’s Advanced Ear Cleaner. Order now and help put an end to smelly, irritated, itchy ears for good. Your dog or cat will thank you!


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