Pet Naturals Pleasant Smelling Natural Flea and Tick Prevention Spray for Dogs and Cats



Keep your furry friends free of fleas and ticks with Pet Naturals Natural Flea and Tick Prevention Spray. This all-natural spray utilizes plant-derived ingredients like peppermint oil, clove oil, and citronella oil to safely and gently repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies from your pets without the use of harsh chemicals.

Pleasant Smelling and Non-Sticky Formula

What really sets Pet Naturals Flea and Tick Prevention Spray apart from other pest deterrents is its light and pleasant aroma. While other chemical-laden sprays can irritate your nose with an overpowering clinical odor, our formula has an uplifting herbal scent from its key natural oils that you’ll barely notice after application.

And unlike messy chemical sprays that leave a gross greasy residue on fur and fabrics, our non-sticky quick-dry formula won’t make a mess or leave behind an oily film. Just a light misting is all it takes to safely repel pests for up to 24 hours while keeping your pets coat soft and fresh.

All-Natural Ingredients

The natural plant oils in Pet Naturals Flea and Tick Prevention Spray offer a safe pest deterrent for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens:

Peppermint Oil – Repels fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitos with its strong minty aroma
Clove Oil – Repels a wide variety of insects with its potent scent
Citronella Oil – The most well known natural insect repellent
Lemongrass Oil – Provides further flea and tick protection

With these key all-natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, drugs or toxins, Pet Naturals Flea and Tick Prevention Spray is safe to use on pets of all ages. We don’t cut corners with subpar or questionable ingredients. Our formula contains only natural plant oils you can feel good about using around your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply it?
Lightly mist your pet’s coat until damp but not soaked. Pay close attention to the neck, back and base of the tail. For best results, spray onto your pet’s skin and work into the coat rather than just spraying the fur. Reapply as needed if going outdoors.

Is it safe for cats and dogs?
Yes, our natural formula is veterinarian approved for use on both cats and dogs of all ages. The ingredients pose no risks and the spray is gentle on skin. As with any new product, we recommend monitoring your pet after their first application.

How long does it last?
Each application protects your pet from fleas, ticks and flies for up to 24 hours. Reapply as needed when going outside or if you notice pests around your home.

Can I use this on bedding?
Yes, Pet Naturals Flea and Tick Prevention Spray is safe to use on pet beds, blankets, collars, leashes, carpets and any other fabric in your home. The natural oils offer continued pest protection without leaving stains or residue behind.

Is it waterproof?

While not waterproof, the formula is water resistant. Pets can still receive effective pest protection even after swimming or being out in the rain. However, heavy water exposure may require reapplication.

Keep your furry best friend pest-free the natural way with Pet Naturals Flea and Tick Prevention Spray. This plant-based formula safely repels the most common pests while smelling fresh and avoiding greasy chemical residue. Order a bottle today and help your pets enjoy life outside without the itching, biting and irritation of fleas and ticks!


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