PetArmor Ear Rinse for Dogs & Cats – Clean & Dry Ear Cleanser for Pets



Keeping your pet’s ears clean and dry is important for their health and comfort. PetArmor Ear Rinse provides a gentle, effective way to remove dirt, debris, and wax buildup from your dog or cat’s ears. Formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, this rinse helps prevent infections by washing away microbes and keeping ears dry.

Gently Cleanses Away Debris & Wax

PetArmor Ear Rinse uses a gentle, non-irritating formula to loosen and wash away wax, dirt, and other debris. The solution helps dissolve and dislodge buildup without being harsh on your pet’s sensitive ears. Regular use can help prevent excessive wax accumulation that can lead to impaction and discomfort.

Keeps Ears Dry to Avoid Infection

Infections often develop in moist, dirty ears. By rinsing away debris and thoroughly drying your pet’s ears, PetArmor Ear Rinse promotes a clean, dry environment. This helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mites that can cause painful infections if allowed to proliferate. Regular drying and cleaning with this rinse helps protect your pet’s ears.

Easy Applicator for Convenient Use

Applying the rinse is quick and easy with the included applicator nozzle. Simply fill the nozzle with solution, tilt your pet’s head, and gently squeeze to dispense into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear to work the solution in, then use a cotton ball to wipe away any excess. The angled nozzle allows you to direct the rinse into the vertical and horizontal ear canals.

Natural Ingredients Plus Aloe

PetArmor Ear Rinse relies on natural cleansers like salicylic acid to break up wax, debris, and oils. Aloe vera helps soothe inflammation and redness, while also moisturizing dry, irritated ears. This gentle blend of natural ingredients provides a thorough clean without harsh chemicals. It’s safe if licked by your pet and can be used routinely to maintain clean ears.

Veterinarian Recommended Brand

PetArmor products are veterinarian recommended and formulated to high quality standards for your pet’s safety. Developed by a team of veterinary experts, PetArmor solutions are trusted by pet owners and animal professionals. This ear rinse is made in the USA and supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews

“This ear rinse works better than anything I’ve tried for my Labrador’s ears. He’s very active outdoors and prone to getting debris and wax buildup in his floppy ears. This rinse cleans everything out gently but thoroughly. His ears have been clean and infection-free since I started using it.” – Molly S.

“Our cat HATES getting her ears cleaned but this rinse makes it so much easier. No more wrestling to wipe her ears with cotton balls. I just squirt some in and massage the base, then wipe with a cotton ball. It’s Cut our ear cleaning time in half and made it less stressful.” – Lucas T.

“So glad I found this ear rinse. My Boston Terrier is prone to yeast infections and smelly ears. This keeps his ears balanced and healthy. The applicator makes it easy to squirt solution down into the ear canal. Love this product.” – Amanda W.

Regular ear cleaning with PetArmor Ear Rinse can help prevent painful infections and uncomfortable buildup. The natural formula gently removes debris, dirt, and wax so your pet’s ears stay healthy and comfortable. Order today to make ear care easy and effective.


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