PetDreamHouse PAW Feeder Interactive Bowl for Dogs, Puppies or Cats – Slows Eating, Prevents Bloating, Easy to Use



Is your furry friend a fast eater who often ends up with an upset stomach or bloating after mealtimes? Help prevent digestive issues and promote healthier eating habits with the PetDreamHouse PAW Feeder Interactive Bowl. This innovative bowl has a unique paw-shaped design that forces your pet to eat more slowly for better digestion.

Slows Down Eating

The PetDreamHouse bowl is designed with ridges and grooves that function as small obstacles your pet must navigate around while eating. This disrupts the ability to scarf down food too quickly, thereby slowing down consumption to prevent indigestion, vomiting, and bloating. The central hashed area also helps decelerate eating speed.

Simple and Easy to Use

Despite its clever construction, this bowl maintains a simple design that’s easy for pets to use and pet parents to clean. The elevated edges make it effortless for your dog or cat to reach their food. And with dishwasher-safe construction, you can simply place the PAW feeder on the top rack for easy cleaning between uses.

Made from Premium Materials

You can have confidence in the safety of materials used to construct the PetDreamHouse slow feeder bowl. It’s made from 100% food-grade materials that are completely BPA and PVC-free for peace of mind. Your pet’s health is a top concern, so toxic chemicals are never used.

Anti-Skid Base

In addition to slowing down eating, the PetDreamHouse PAW bowl also aims to reduce spills. It comes equipped with four large anti-skid rings on the bottom to prevent sliding. This results in excellent stability so your ravenous eater doesn’t send the bowl flying across the kitchen. The robust base keeps it firmly planted in place.

5-in-1 Multi-Function Design

One of the things that makes the PetDreamHouse slow feeder so unique is its 5-in-1 design:

  • Center section with raised ridges for decelerated eating
  • Left bowl for normal speed eating
  • Right bowl for normal speed eating
  • Outer ridges disrupt eating and force your pet to slow down
  • Bottom hashed section also prevents fast feeding

You can fill the entire bowl to fully utilize its slow feeding functions. Or just place food in one plain bowl if your pet needs a quick bite. This versatility supports customization for your pet’s needs.

Benefits of Slow Feeding

Here are some of the advantages your pet will enjoy with the PetDreamHouse PAW Feeder Bowl:

  • Prevents bloating, vomiting, & indigestion – These conditions often result from eating too fast, which this bowl is designed to stop.
  • Aids digestion – Slower eating gives the stomach more time to properly digest food for better nutrient absorption.
  • Reduces risk of obesity – Fast eaters tend to overeat. Slow feeding allows the brain to register fullness signals.
  • Calms mealtime anxiety – Scarfing food can increase anxiety and protective aggression. Slowing down creates a more relaxed meal.
  • Makes eating more fun! – Pets enjoy the mental stimulation of maneuvering the bowl while they eat.

The PetDreamHouse PAW Feeder provides all these benefits in one convenient package. It’s a must-have bowl for pet owners dealing with fast eaters.

Suitable for Dogs & Cats

While designed with dogs in mind, this slow feed bowl also works wonderfully for cats. The smooth raised ridges are comfortable on your feline’s whiskers while still slowing down eating. Fussy cats may be hesitant at first but adjust quickly.

Easy to Clean

Despite its intricate design, the PetDreamHouse bowl cleans up easily by hand or in the dishwasher. Warm water and mild soap will remove debris from the grooves with a simple scrub brush. A periodic deeper clean keeps it fresh and germ-free.

Give your pet a happier, healthier mealtime experience with the PetDreamHouse PAW Feeder Interactive Bowl. This ingenious slow feeding bowl is veterinarian recommended and priced affordably so all pet owners can benefit. Order today and take control of your pet’s eating habits!


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