PetFusion Elevated Pet Bowls – Innovative Raised Cat and Dog Feeders with Magnetic Stainless Steel Bowls



Treat your furry friends to a better, healthier feeding experience with the PetFusion Elevated Pet Bowls. These innovative pet feeders feature a sleek yet sturdy acrylic stand and two removable stainless steel bowls that attach securely using powerful built-in magnets. With two sizes available – a shorter 4 inch stand and a taller 9 inch stand – you can create the perfect custom feeding station for your pet.

Raise and Customize Your Pet’s Feeding Station

Elevated pet feeders like these PetFusion bowls are veterinarian recommended to support your pet’s health in several ways:

  • Promotes better digestion by allowing for a more natural and comfortable eating position.
  • Helps reduce neck and back pain and discomfort caused by bending down to floor-level bowls.
  • Aids swallowing and slows rapid eating for improved digestion.
  • Keeps food and water cleaner by preventing floor contamination.

The included short and tall stands allow you to raise one or both stainless steel bowls to the perfect height for your pet. Plus, the stands feature anti-slip rubber feet to keep your pet’s feeding station firmly in place.

Not only does elevating your pet’s bowls provide health benefits, it also allows you to customize their feeding area. The strong built-in magnets make it easy to mix and match bowl heights or detach and reattach bowls as needed for multi-pet households.

Durable Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

Each PetFusion Elevated Pet Bowl set includes two high quality stainless steel bowls that are perfect for both food and water.

The bowls hold a generous 24 ounce capacity and are 2.7 inches deep to minimize spills and mess. Built from food-grade 304 stainless steel, they are non-porous and rust-resistant for years of reliable use.

Best of all, the stainless steel bowls conveniently pop out of the acrylic stands for quick and easy cleaning. They are top-rack dishwasher safe to sanitize and keep germ-free.

For Pets Big and Small

These elevated bowls are ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes. The removable stainless steel bowls accommodate 24 ounces of food or water, while the acrylic stands measure 8 x 8 inches wide.

The shorter 4 inch stand raises bowls just enough to benefit smaller pets like cats, toy breeds and puppies. And the 9 inch stand creates the perfect raised feeding station for larger dogs or pets with arthritis or joint issues.

Premium Quality and Safety

PetFusion only uses quality ingredients and materials in their pet products to ensure safety, durability and reliability.

The acrylic stands are made from Lucite acrylic that was chosen for its optical clarity, ultra light weight and extreme impact resistance. The stands conveniently clean up with warm soapy water.

Both the acrylic stands and stainless steel bowls also meet the strict quality control standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well as the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act).

Create Your Pet’s Ideal Feeding Station

With their innovative and customizable design, PetFusion Elevated Pet Bowls make it easy to create the perfect feeding station to meet your pet’s needs.

Simply use the included shorter and taller stands in combination to raise one or both stainless steel bowls to your ideal height. The strong built-in magnets allow you to securely attach the bowls in any configuration.

Easily accommodate multiple pets by attaching an additional purchased bowl onto the acrylic stands. Or conveniently feed pets with special dietary needs from their own raised bowl.

The possibilities are endless with these modular elevated pet feeders. Your pets will love their new customized and healthy feeding experience.

Rave Reviews

Pet parents love the premium quality, innovative design and total customization of PetFusion’s Elevated Pet Bowls. Here are just a few of the thousands of 5-star reviews:

“These bowls are very well made and easy to keep clean. I love that you can buy additional bowls and attach them with the embedded magnets to make the perfect feeding station.” – Anne S.

“I have three large dogs and these magnetic elevated bowls are perfect. I can customize their height and feeding area. Much better than bowls that slide all over the floor.” – Walter M.

“My senior dog is having an easier time eating and drinking from these raised bowls. And clean up is so simple with the removable stainless steel bowls.” – Stephanie P.

Experience the Difference with PetFusion

Pamper your cats and dogs with PetFusion Elevated Pet Bowls. Their innovative and customizable design makes it easy to create the perfect feeding station to meet your pet’s needs.

Treat your pets to a healthier, more comfortable eating experience while keeping their feeding area neat and tidy.

Order today and see why thousands of pet parents love these premium elevated pet bowls. Your furry friends deserve the very best.


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