Petkin Bamboo Eco Mega-Roll Waste Bags – 240 Count



Tired of traditional plastic dog waste bags that are bad for the environment? Looking for an eco-friendly alternative that also helps control odors? Then you need the Petkin Bamboo Eco Mega-Roll Waste Bags.

Made from renewable bamboo fibers, these waste bags are the sustainable solution pet parents have been waiting for. The bamboo helps naturally suppress odors while the bags remain durable and leak-proof.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from renewable bamboo fibers for an eco-friendly option
  • Bamboo naturally deodorizes to help suppress pet odors
  • Thick and durable construction is also leak-proof
  • Fits all standard pet waste bag dispensers
  • 240 count rolls last a long time – 30 bags per roll!

Bye Bye to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are not only wasteful but also take a very long time to decompose. That’s why the Petkin bamboo waste bags are a smart alternative.

These renewable bamboo fiber bags start decomposing as soon as you toss them. And bamboo is one of the fastest growing and renewable plants on the planet. So you can feel good about making the switch.

The extra durable bamboo material also prevents any leaks or messy accidents. No more scrambling to clean up the floor after a bag failure!

Natural Odor Control

Cleaning up after your dog can be, well, stinky. Not with these bamboo waste bags!

The bamboo fibers naturally neutralize and deodorize odors. No more holding your breath or dealing with lingering nasty smells. It’s odor control you and your pup will love.

The bamboo odor-suppressing abilities also keep the rolls themselves smelling fresh. No more funky odor coming from the plastic waste bag box.

Fits Any Dispenser

Petkin designed these waste bags to work with any standard pet waste bag holder or dispenser.

The convenient 8×13 inch size and perforated tear lines make it simple to grab one bag at a time. No need to buy a new dispenser.

And each absorbent, leak-proof bag is extra durable for easy use on walks or in the backyard.

Save Money with Mega-Rolls

Tired of constantly buying new boxes of waste bags? These mega-rolls maximize each purchase.

Each jumbo 240 count roll provides 30 durable bamboo bags. That’s up to 4 months of waste bags in one convenient roll!

The mega-roll design also reduces packaging waste compared to small plastic boxes. And one order of 6 rolls will last over a year!

Give plastic bags the boot and make the switch to eco-meets-economy with the Petkin Bamboo Eco Mega-Roll Waste Bags! Your pet and the planet will thank you.

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