Petkin Fresh Mint Dental Wipes for Cats & Dogs



Keep Your Furry Friend’s Teeth Sparkling Clean with Petkin Fresh Mint Dental Wipes!

As a pet owner, you know that your furry friend’s health and happiness is your top priority. Regular dental care is so important for your cat or dog’s overall wellbeing, helping to prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay, and bad breath. But it can be challenging to keep up with brushing, especially if your pet is resistant to having their teeth brushed. That’s where Petkin Fresh Mint Dental Wipes come in!

These convenient dental wipes provide an easy, effective way to clean your pet’s teeth and freshen their breath daily, without the struggle of brushing. Petkin wipes are infused with natural baking soda and mint to gently clean away plaque and tartar. The minty fresh formula also helps freshen your pet’s breath, keeping their pearly whites sparkling clean!

Why You’ll Love Petkin Dental Wipes:

Cleans Teeth & Gums: The textured wipes clean your pet’s teeth AND gums to remove food debris and plaque buildup. The gentle scrubbing motion also helps prevent tartar.
Freshens Breath: Baking soda and mint work together to neutralize odors and leave your pet with minty fresh breath. No more smelly doggie breath!
No Water or Rinsing Needed: Unlike brushing, the wipes clean teeth on contact without any water or rinsing required. So easy to use anywhere, anytime!
Vet Recommended: Petkin wipes are veterinarian approved and contain natural ingredients that are safe if swallowed.
For Dogs & Cats: The wipes are specially formulated for use on both cats and dogs. Gentle enough for kittens and puppies over 6 weeks old too.
Convenient Daily Use: With 40 wipes per pack, use one wipe daily to maintain your pet’s oral health between vet visits.
How to Use Petkin Dental Wipes:

Using Petkin wipes to clean your pet’s teeth is so easy!

Open the resealable lid on the container. Pull out one textured wipe.
Gently wrap the wipe around your index finger.
Rub the wipe over your pet’s teeth and gums, scrubbing lightly to lift dirt.
Use a fresh side of the wipe to freshen breath and finish cleaning.
Dispose of used wipe.
Seal container after each use to keep remaining wipes moistened.
Tip: Offer your pet a treat afterwards so they associate positive feelings with teeth cleaning!

With Petkin Dental Wipes, you can finally tackle your pet’s oral hygiene easily and effectively. No more dreaded brushing battles! Customers rave that their pets don’t seem to mind the wipes at all compared to traditional brushing.

Daily dental wipe cleanings help prevent plaque buildup that can lead to expensive dental procedures down the road. So you’ll have peace of mind knowing your furry friend’s smile is being taken care of.

Your pet deserves the very best care. Order Petkin Fresh Mint Dental Wipes today and make easy, regular dental care a breeze! You and your pet will both be so glad you did.


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