Petkin Petwipes – Keep Your Furry Friend Clean and Fresh Everyday (100 Count)



Your furry friend brings you endless joy and companionship. As a pet owner, you want to provide the best care possible for your beloved pet. That’s why Petkin Petwipes are an essential item for any pet owner. These gentle, alcohol-free wipes allow you to clean away dirt, odor, and messes from your pet’s coat, paws, face and body.

Gentle Enough for Daily Use

Petkin Petwipes are specially formulated to be gentle enough for daily use on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. The wipes contain a mild cleanser that lifts away dirt, debris, and odor from your pet’s coat without irritation. They are also infused with a light conditioning agent that leaves your pet’s coat soft and smooth. Unlike some grooming wipes, Petkin Petwipes contain no alcohol, so they won’t dry out or irritate your pet’s sensitive skin. You can use them as part of your daily grooming routine to keep your pet clean in between baths.

Deodorize and Freshen Between Baths

We all love our furry friends, but let’s face it – pets can get a little stinky sometimes! Petkin Petwipes help combat pet odor so you can enjoy cuddle time. The wipes contain a light cleanser that breaks down dirt and odor-causing residue. Natural odor neutralizers freshen your pet’s coat while leaving a light, pleasant fragrance. No more smelly messes on your furniture or lingering odors in your home. Just wipe away the stink anytime!

Clean Crumb Catchers and Muddy Paws

Did your curious canine get into something messy? Are your cat’s paws full of litter again? Petkin Petwipes make cleaning dirty paws quick and easy. The textured wipes lift away mud, dirt, grease, food debris and stuck-on litter from paws with just a few gentle swipes. No need to hassle with the bathtub or sink. Just wipe down paws and you’re done! The wipes cleanse without excessive wetness, so you won’t have to towel dry those wriggling paws.

Freshen Up Your Pet’s Facial Features

Use Petkin Petwipes for a quick mini facial! Wipe around your pet’s eyes to gently remove goop, gunk and tear stains from fur. Get into those facial folds and wrinkles to thoroughly cleanse away dirt, oils and debris. The convenient size is perfect for tidying faces, tails, ears and other small areas. No need for a full bath every time your pet’s face gets messy. Just grab a wipe for targeted spot cleaning!

Alcohol-Free Formula Safe for Everyday Use

Petkin Petwipes contain NO alcohol, ensuring they are gentle and non-drying for regular use. Alcohol can irritate sensitive pet skin and dry out coats. That’s why Petkin formulated these wipes to thoroughly clean without harsh chemicals. The detergent-free cleansing formula contains no soaps, toxins or irritants. It’s safe enough for puppies and kittens when used as directed.

Conditions Coats While Cleansing

Petkin Petwipes don’t just clean your pet’s coat and skin – they condition it too! These wipes contain conditioning agents that impart moisture and hydration as you clean. Your pet’s coat will be left soft, smooth and shiny. No more dry, itchy skin from bathing. The wipes’ light conditioning makes grooming quick and easy between full washes.

Convenient Dispensing Container

The resealable container keeps wipes moist and prevents drying out between uses. Take wipes on the go for cleanups anytime, anywhere. The flip-top lid makes for easy one-handed dispensing. Grab just one wipe at a time so none go to waste. The container is compact enough to stash in your car, purse or pet travel bag.

Reusable Container – Refill with Your Favorite Wipes

While you’ll love the performance of Petkin Petwipes, you can also reuse the container when you finish the wipes. Soak it in hot water to remove any residue, then fill it with your own favorite grooming wipes. The BPA-free plastic container will keep wipes fresh.

Quality You Can Trust

Petkin pet care products are designed by animal experts to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. The brand uses thoughtful design, quality materials and safe ingredients. Pet parents trust the Petkin name to provide exceptional care for pets big and small.

Bring out your pet’s natural shine and scent with Petkin Petwipes. These gentle, daily wipes make it easy to clean away dirt, debris and odors in between full baths. Your pet will feel fresher and look cleaner with quick daily wipe downs. Order Petkin Petwipes today and simplify your grooming routine!


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