PetKit CyberTail Raised Cat Bowl – No More Messy Mealtimes for Your Furry Friend!



Tired of cleaning up after your cat’s messy mealtimes? Us too. That’s why we created the PetKit CyberTail Raised Bowl – the perfect solution to contain those food and water spills.

This thoughtfully designed raised cat bowl comes with an inclined inner bowl that sits at a 15° angle. This makes it easier for your cat to eat comfortably without craning their neck. The angled bowl also slows down fast eaters, preventing indigestion.

But it gets better…

The outer bowl catches any spilled kibble, keeping your floors crumb-free. No more stepping on stray pieces of food or wiping up watery messes. Hallelujah!

Here are all the details on this game-changing cat bowl:

Spill-Proof and Non-Slip

The PetKit CyberTail Raised Bowl features a deep stainless steel outer bowl that catches any spilled food or water. Four rubber feet on the bottom prevent sliding.

This means no more watery messes or escaped kibble all over your floors. Your cat gets to eat in peace and you get to enjoy clean floors!

Durable Stainless Steel

Both the inner and outer bowls are made of sturdy stainless steel – no plastic here!

Stainless steel is rust-proof, sturdy, and built to last through countless meals. It’s also safe to pop in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

No more buying new bowls every few months because the plastic cracked or warped. This bowl is in it for the long haul!

Elevated Design Reduces Strain

The pedestal base on the CyberTail Raised Bowl lifts your cat’s food and water bowls to a perfect height for comfortable eating and drinking.

Eating and drinking from floor-level bowls can strain your cat’s neck and back. But this angled raised bowl brings their food right to them at the ideal angle for pain-free meals.

Your cat will thank you for taking the strain off their joints while chowing down. No more hunched backs and extended necks at mealtime.

Slows Down Fast Eaters

Does your cat gobble down their food in mere seconds? Uh oh – that can lead to indigestion and vomiting.

The inclined inner bowl in the PetKit Raised Cat Bowl gently slows down even the fastest feline eaters. This prevents overeating and allows proper digestion.

With their bowl on an angle, your cat is forced to take smaller bites and eat at a healthier pace. Mealtime just got a lot more peaceful!

Fits Perfectly in a Corner

Trying to fit your cat’s food and water bowls on your kitchen floor without being in the way is a struggle.

With its efficient pedestal design, the PetKit CyberTail Raised Bowl is ideal for tucking into a corner or against the wall. No more bowls taking up precious floor space!

The compact fit also deters your cat from pushing the bowls all around the kitchen as they eat. Success!

Easy Cleaning for Busy Pet Parents

Between work, family obligations, and keeping up with your home, you don’t have tons of time to hand wash pet dishes every day.

The good news is that both the inner and outer bowls of the PetKit Raised Cat Bowl are top-rack dishwasher safe. Cleaning up after mealtime is a breeze!

When it’s time to refill your cat’s bowl, simply detach the inner bowl from the pedestal base for easy access. How convenient!

Dinnertime Has Never Been So Stylish

Let’s be honest, most pet food bowls are eyesores. Ugly plastic that you try to hide away.

But this raised cat bowl adds a touch of modern style to your kitchen with its trendy design. Durable stainless steel and clean lines look great with any home decor.

You’ll be proud to show off this chic bowl that keeps your floors tidy and your cat well-fed. It’s a win-win!

Your Cat Will Thank You!

Your feline friend will definitely approve of their new raised food and water bowl. No more crouching down to eat or drinking water that tastes funny from plastic.

The PetKit CyberTail Raised Bowl provides the most comfortable, mess-free, and stylish mealtimes. What a luxury!

Give your cat the gift of elevated dining with this game-changing raised bowl. Your floors (and your cat!) will be so grateful.

Order the PetKit CyberTail Raised Cat Bowl today and say goodbye to mealtime messes for good! Your cat’s dinnertime happiness is just a click away.


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