PETKIT Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats – Gentle Deshedding Brush for Long or Short Fur



Give your furry friend the gentle grooming experience they deserve with the PETKIT Self Cleaning Slicker Brush. Specially designed for dogs and cats, this innovative brush makes grooming easy and painless for you and comfortable for your pet.

The key to this brush’s effectiveness lies in the bent and durable bristles. They glide through your pet’s coat smoothly, lifting out loose hair and dirt while stimulating their skin and distributing natural oils. The rounded tips prevent scratching or irritation, even on sensitive areas. Your pet will enjoy the massage-like feel as you brush them.

But what really makes this brush stand out is the self-cleaning feature. With the push of a button, the bristles retract to eject all the hair and debris caught in the brush. No more struggling to pull out clumps by hand or cutting them out with scissors. Just release and rinse under water for a quick, effortless clean. You’ll save time and keep the brush hygienic.

The PETKIT brush is generously sized at 19cm long and 8.5cm wide, with a comfortable easy-grip handle. The large surface area lets you brush efficiently so you can cover your pet’s entire coat, from head to tail. It’s ideal for all breeds, whether they have short or long fur. Give your dog or cat a thorough brushing to remove loose hair and prevent mats and tangles from forming.

Regular grooming with this brush provides numerous benefits:

  • Removes loose hair – Cuts down on shedding around your home
  • Distributes natural oils – Leaves coat soft, shiny, and healthy
  • Massages skin – Increases blood circulation for skin and coat health
  • Removes dirt and debris – Keeps coat clean and prevents skin irritation
  • Reduces tangles and mats – Avoid painful knots and grooming challenges

Give your furry companion the gift of a soothing brushing. It’s a bonding activity you’ll both look forward to. Your pet will be more cooperative during grooming sessions with this gentle, skin-friendly brush. No more dreading brush time for you or your pet!

With its smart design and pet-pleasing performance, the PETKIT Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a grooming must-have. Pamper your pet and make your own life easier.


  • Gentle self-cleaning slicker brush for dogs and cats
  • Bent, durable bristles glide smoothly through fur
  • Rounded tips won’t scratch skin or cause discomfort
  • Push-button retraction ejects hair from the brush
  • Extra large size covers more area for faster grooming
  • Removes loose hair, dirt, tangles, and knots
  • Distributes natural oils for healthy, shiny coat
  • Strengthens bond through soothing massage


  • Dimensions: 19cm x 8.5cm x 6.2 cm
  • Materials: Plastic, metal
  • Bristle material: Stainless steel
  • Self-cleaning button: Yes

Benefits of Regular Brushing

Regularly using the PETKIT brush provides immense benefits for the health and comfort of your pet:

Prevents Matted Fur

Mats occur when loose hair or debris gets tangled in the coat. Neglected mats tighten and pull painfully on the skin. Frequent brushing reaches down to the undercoat to remove loose hair before it can knot up.

Reduces Shedding

The brush lifts out all the dead hair so your pet sheds less around the house. Your furniture and floors will stay cleaner.

Distributes Natural Oils

As you brush, oils spread from your pet’s skin throughout their coat, leaving it soft, shiny, and smelling fresh.

Massages and Exfoliates Skin

The bristles provide a gentle massage that stimulates blood circulation. This enhances skin health and promotes new coat growth.

Removes Dirt

Brush away dried mud, grease, and other debris that can irritate your pet’s skin and cause odor.

Quality Bonding Time

Brushing strengthens your relationship as you provide soothing attention. It’s relaxing for you both!

How to Use

Brushing your pet is easy with the PETKIT slicker brush:

1. Start at the Head

Begin brushing at your pet’s head, using gentle but firm pressure. Work slowly and thoroughly.

2. Move Toward the Tail

Continue brushing in sections toward the tail, brushing with the coat growth. Lift and fluff the fur as you go.

3. Clean the Brush Often

Press the self-clean button frequently to eject all the hair and debris for a fresh brushing.

4. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

Finish with a wide-tooth comb to catch any final tangles.

5. Clean After Use

Rinse the brush bristles under water until all hair is removed. Allow to air dry.

Tips for an Enjoyable Brushing Session

These tips will help make brushing pleasant for both you and your furry friend:

  • Start young to get your pet used to brushing.
  • Reward good behavior with treats and praise.
  • Brush in short 5-10 minute sessions to keep them cooperative.
  • Go slowly and gently, especially on sensitive areas.
  • Avoid pulling or yanking on tangles, which hurts.
  • Always be patient – never punish for squirming.

With its self-cleaning feature, gentle bristles, and scratch-free design, the PETKIT brush makes grooming fast, easy, and painless. Your pet will thank you! Pamper them with regular brushing sessions for optimal health and wellbeing. Both of you will look forward to this special bonding ritual.


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