PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder – Schedule Feeding, Voice Recorder & No More Meowing for Food!



Does your cat start bugging you for food way before their scheduled mealtimes? Do you worry about your cat overeating or missing meals when you’re not home? Put an end to the meows and pawing with the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder! This smart cat feeder takes the hassle out of pet feeding by automatically dispensing dry food on the schedule you set.

Customize Feeding Times For Up To 4 Meals Per Day

The PETLIBRO cat feeder allows you to easily program up to 4 scheduled feedings per day. The built-in LCD screen and intuitive buttons make it simple to set precise mealtimes and portions. No more remembering when you last fed kitty or rushing home at lunch to fill the food bowl!

You can dispense portions from 10g up to 39g per feeding, ideal for regulating your cat’s diet. Set a different schedule for weekends or when kitty needs medications mixed into meals. The PETLIBRO feeder keeps your cat on a consistent, healthy feeding routine even when you’re working late or on vacation.

Meal Call Recording Motivates Your Cat to Eat

Does your furry friend get so focused playing that they ignore their food bowl? The PETLIBRO cat feeder helps get your pet running to their dish with its personalized meal call recording feature.

Simply record a 10-second message in your voice – call kitty’s name, meow, shake the treat bag, anything to signal it’s chow time. The feeder will play the recording up to 5 times leading up to dispensing meals to catch your cat’s attention. No more wandering around the house looking for a napping or hiding kitty when their food is served!

Clog-Resistant Design Prevents Food Jams

Ever had an automatic pet feeder stop working because kibble got stuck and blocked the food outlet? The angled food bowl and slide-out dispensing tray in the PETLIBRO feeder are designed to prevent food clogs.

Kibble flows freely into the bowl and the smooth dispensing chute resists buildup. No more coming home to a hungry, howling kitty because the feeder jammed! The PETLIBRO feeder works reliably with dry food up to 11mm in diameter.

Sealed Lid & Air Tight Design Keeps Food Fresh

Dry kibble can quickly go stale when exposed to air. The PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder has a locking lid that seals the 4 liter food reservoir, keeping your cat’s food fresh and preventing them from sneaking extra snacks.

The airtight design also locks in food aromas. Pets are more eager to eat from their usual food container. Plus, the feeder comes with two removable desiccant bags that absorb excess moisture to maintain food freshness even longer.

Reliable Power Options Prevent Disruptions

Is your cat prone to gobbling down food the moment it hits the bowl? The PETLIBRO feeder will continue dispensing the programmed portion even if your greedy pet doesn’t wait for it to finish.

Power outages won’t disrupt scheduled feedings thanks to the built-in battery backup. The feeder runs on the included AC adapter. For extra insurance, it holds 3 D batteries (not included) to keep it running during a blackout. Settings are saved so meals are dispensed on time even after a power failure.

Works for Both Cats and Small Dogs

While the PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder is designed primarily for cats, it can also work for petite dogs that consume dry food. The categorized meals and meal call help dogs remember to eat. Just be sure to size portions appropriately for your pup.

Simple To Clean and Maintain

The PETLIBRO cat feeder is designed for convenience, including hassle-free cleaning. The food bowl, turntable, and chute slide out for quick washing.

Simply detach the lid and reservoir to access the interior. A cleaning brush is included to scrub away grease buildup. Regular cleaning and replacing the desiccant bags keeps the auto feeder working properly.

Stay Connected On-the-Go

Wondering if your cat is sticking to their diet while you’re away? The PETLIBRO feeder allows you to monitor feeding times and set schedules remotely from your smartphone. The free app provides real-time status updates and notifications if food runs out or batteries need replacing.

Give Your Cat Healthy, Timed Meals

No more worrying about your cat overeating, missing meals, or begging for food with the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder! The customizable feeding schedule and hunger-motivating meal call keep your pet fed consistently. This smart auto feeder takes the hassle out of pet meals so you can focus on play and cuddles during your time together.


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