PETLIBRO QuietFlow Replacement Pump for Cat Water Fountain – Super Silent Pump for Petlibro PLWF002 Pet Water Dispenser



Keep your feline friends hydrated with the PETLIBRO QuietFlow Replacement Pump, specially designed as a super silent replacement pump for the PETLIBRO PLWF002 pet water fountain. With its quiet operation and reliable performance, this pump ensures fresh, filtered water is always available on demand for your cats and small dogs.

Compatible with PETLIBRO PLWF002 Pet Water Fountain

The PETLIBRO QuietFlow Pump is an OEM replacement part, engineered to seamlessly integrate with the PETLIBRO PLWF002 pet water dispenser. It fits perfectly into the housing and connects to the power cord – no adapters needed.

Near Silent Operation

What sets this pet fountain pump apart is its noiseless operation. An advanced motor with high-quality bearings allows it to run virtually silent. You and your pets will barely notice it humming away, even when water levels run low. It won’t disturb you or your family.

Reliable, Continuous Operation

Built to last with only premium materials, this replacement pump can handle continuous use without fail. The sturdy impeller is resistant to minerals and debris. It provides a steady water flow at 80ml/min to keep fresh water circulating through the filtration system. You can trust it to work 24/7 to serve clean water to your pets on demand.

Extend Your Fountain’s Service Life

The QuietFlow Pump isn’t just a replacement part – it can actually extend the life of your PETLIBRO cat water fountain. How? Its durable construction and silent motor ensure less wear and tear on the entire unit compared to a subpar, noisy pump. Investing in this quality OEM pump is investing in your fountain.

Easy Installation

Installing this water pump takes just minutes with no special tools required. Simply detach the old pump, reconnect the water tube and power cord to the new pump, and attach it securely onto the mounting plate. Despite its advanced engineering, it’s designed for quick and hassle-free maintenance.

Comes Complete with Power Cord

Forget searching for a compatible power adapter – this replacement pump comes complete with a 60 inch power cord that plugs right into the fountain. It’s engineered specifically for the PETLIBRO PLWF002, making setup seamless.

Built-In Safety Features

Safety comes first with PETLIBRO pet products. This pump is ETL certified to meet the latest safety standards in the US. It also has built-in overheating protection that will shut off the pump before it overheats or malfunctions. You can trust it to operate safely.

3 Straightforward Steps to Install

Unplug fountain and detach old pump
Connect new QuietFlow pump to water tube and power cord
Secure pump in place on mounting plate
That’s all it takes to get your PETLIBRO fountain flowing like new again!


Pump Flow Rate: 80 ml/min
Power Cord Length: 60 inches
Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.4 x 3.5 inches
Weight: 7.8 ounces
ETL certified
Materials: ABS, PP
Compatible With:

PETLIBRO PLWF002 pet water fountain
Package Includes:

1 x Replacement Pump
1 x Brush for cleaning
Give your cats and small dogs a reliable source of fresh, filtered water with the PETLIBRO QuietFlow Replacement Pump. Its whisper-quiet operation and durable design make it the perfect choice for extending the life of your PLWF002 pet fountain. Order today and refresh your fountain with a high-quality OEM pump engineered for silent, continuous performance.


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