Prairie RawMix Grain-Free Dog Food with Broth & Freeze Dried Raw



Give your dog the taste of the wild with Prairie RawMix Grain-Free Dog Food. Inspired by nature, this unique recipe combines the best of both worlds – premium kibble blended with bone broth and freeze dried raw pieces for a protein-packed, nutrient-dense formula your dog will love.

Humanely Raised Protein from Trusted Sources

At the heart of Prairie RawMix is high-quality protein from humanely raised poultry. We source only chicken and turkey raised on trusted farms where animal welfare is a top priority. No questionable meat byproducts or artificial ingredients. Just real, whole food protein from animals raised in a natural environment. The poultry is gently cooked to make the kibble, while a portion is freeze dried raw to add taste and nutrition in its most natural form.

Grain-Free and Carb-Conscious

Dogs thrive on a meat-focused diet, so Prairie RawMix contains zero grains or fillers like corn, wheat or soy. Instead of bulky carbs, we include fruits and veggies like peas, sweet potatoes, carrots and cranberries. These provide natural sources of key nutrients without unnecessary calories. A premium recipe tuned to your dog’s true nutritional needs.

Added Bone Broth for Natural Flavor

What really makes Prairie RawMix unique is the addition of bone broth. We gently simmer bones to extract collagen, minerals and proteins that dogs instinctively crave. This adds incredible natural flavor and moisture that will make even picky eaters go wild. No artificial flavors needed! Just delicious, savory bone broth for taste buds and health.

Balanced Nutrition Inspired by The Wild

While dogs are domesticated, their bodies are still built like their wolf ancestors. We designed Prairie RawMix to align with a canine’s natural nutritional needs with:

  • High protein from meat, organ and bone
  • Moderate fat for energy
  • Low carbs from fruits and veggies
  • Natural sources of omega fatty acids
  • Added vitamins and minerals

Everything is precisely calibrated for complete and balanced daily nutrition. Feeding trials were conducted to ensure optimal digestibility and bioavailability. Give your dog the primal nutrition advantage without the hassle of preparing raw food.

Made with Care in Our Own Kitchens

Prairie RawMix is proudly prepared in our own USDA-certified kitchens. That means we oversee every step from sourcing to cooking to ensure the strictest quality control. No third-party co-packers. We also conduct extensive testing to guarantee safety and purity. You can feel confident knowing exactly where this food is made with care. Made in the USA with American-sourced ingredients.

Committed to Sustainability and Transparency

Our passion for pet nutrition goes hand in hand with caring for our planet. We pioneered transparent sourcing so you can trace every ingredient to its origin for total peace of mind. We only work with family farms raising animals humanely and sustainably. Our eco-friendly kitchens even capture food waste to generate renewable energy. Feel good about the food you feed and the impact it has on pets, people and the planet.

Give your beloved dog the nutrition of the wild ancestors with the convenience of kibble. Prairie RawMix offers the best of both worlds and sets a new standard for premium pet food. Made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and care in every step. Crafted in our own US kitchens and tuned to your dog’s true nutritional needs. All the meaty taste they crave, balanced nutrition and none of the hassle of preparing raw. Make the switch to Prairie RawMix today!


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