Purpl Pet Hair Remover Glove – The Easiest Way to Reduce Shedding and Groom Your Furry Friend!



Do you love your furry friend, but not all the hair they leave behind? Are you tired of constantly vacuuming and lint rolling, only to have your home look messy again in no time? Introducing the amazing Purpl Pet Hair Remover Glove, the quick and easy way to groom your dog or cat while bonding with them!

Gently Brush Away Excess Fur and Tangles

This gentle grooming glove has soft, flexible bristles that feel like a massage to your pet while removing loose hair and tangles. The five finger design allows you to brush all areas of your pet’s body for a thorough deshedding session. Your furball will love the extra attention while you quickly reduce flying fur in your home.

Improves Coat Health

Regular grooming with the Purpl glove stimulates your pet’s skin to produce natural oils, leaving their coat soft, shiny and healthy. Massaging away mats and knots also improves circulation and removes dead hair before it can cause problems. Your pet will look and feel their best with regular use.

Use Wet or Dry

The Purpl glove can be used on dry coats for quick daily grooming to keep excess shedding under control between full baths. For an even deeper clean, add a small amount of pet shampoo and use it while bathing your pooch or kitty. The flexible bristles reach deep in the undercoat to grab and wash away more loose fur.

Comfortable, Breathable Fit

This deshedding glove is designed to fit most hands comfortably thanks to the flexible spandex and breathable mesh materials. The adjustable wrist strap ensures a snug yet relaxed fit. You’ll be able to groom your pet longer without hand fatigue.

Machine Washable for Easy Cleaning

Pet hair and dirt are no match for the durable, Velcro fastening Purpl glove. Simply remove the bristles, throw it in the washing machine and let air dry. It will be ready to gently groom your furry friend again. No more sticky rollers or brush cleaning needed!

Why Your Pet Will Love Being Groomed with the Purpl Pet Hair Remover Glove

  • Feels like a massage! The soft bristles are gentle on skin.
  • Quality bonding time with their human.
  • Removes painful mats and tangles.
  • Distributes natural oils for healthy, shiny coat.
  • Exfoliates skin and improves circulation.

Why Pet Owners Love the Purpl Shedding Glove

  • Quick and easy way to reduce pet hair.
  • Gives a deeper clean than brushing alone.
  • Adjustable strap for comfortable fit.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Much less cleanup than brushing.
  • Improves coat health.
  • Strengthens bond with your pet.
  • Machine washable for simple cleaning.
  • Works on all coat types.

How to Use the Purpl Pet Hair Remover Glove for Best Results

Caring for your pet while removing excess fur is easy with proper technique:

For Dry Brushing:

  1. Slip on the glove and secure the adjustable wrist strap.
  2. Gently stroke your pet from head to tail like you are petting them. Use light pressure and go with the direction of fur growth.
  3. Focus on areas prone to tangles or shedding like behind ears, belly and legs.
  4. The soft bristles will remove loose hair, stimulating circulation and natural oils in the process.
  5. Use short 5-10 minute sessions 1-2 times per week for maintenance. Daily is ideal for heavy shedders.
  6. Remove glove and dispose of fur. Wash if very dirty.

For Wet Bathing:

  1. Before bath time, put on the glove and brush out any tangles or knots.
  2. Wet your pet then apply a small amount of shampoo down their back.
  3. Use the glove to lather and distribute the shampoo, scrubbing to bring up dirt and detach loose undercoat.
  4. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with conditioner if desired.
  5. Finish by using the glove to brush the coat and remove any remaining loose hair.
  6. Dry your pet as normal.

With regular use while petting or bathing, the Purpl Pet Hair Remover Glove will gently yet effectively reduce shedding so you can enjoy a cleaner home. Your furry friend will love the massage-like glove too!

Order the Purpl Deshedding Glove Today and Start Reducing Shedding!

Tired of fur tumbleweeds and constantly cleaning? Take action now and order the easy-to-use Purpl Pet Hair Remover Glove today! We know you’ll be amazed at how well this gentle massaging glove reduces loose hair while making your dog or cat’s coat healthy and shiny.

This adjustable, breathable grooming glove is perfect for all coat types and lengths. Just put it on and brush away hair while petting and bathing. And clean up is a breeze since it’s machine washable.

Don’t waste another minute fighting a losing battle with pet hair. Order now while it’s in stock and you too will find out just how great the Purpl Pet Hair Remover Glove works. Your pet and home need one!


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