Roam Free Heavy Duty Dog Collar – Tough & Durable



Take your canine companion on exciting adventures in durability and style with the Made to Roam Premium Dog Collar. This heavy-duty collar is crafted with double-layered nylon webbing and multiple lines of reinforced stitching, making it ultra-tough and ready to handle whatever your dog’s day brings.

Whether you’re going on long hikes, playing at the park, or just taking a stroll around the neighborhood, this collar is made to roam. The high-quality nylon webbing and rust-proof metal hardware ensure it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Even after countless adventures, it will still look great and function perfectly thanks to the premium materials.

Built Tough for Active Dogs

The Made to Roam collar features genuine nylon webbing that is soft yet incredibly durable. Nylon is a tried and true material when it comes to dog collars, leashes, and gear because it stands up to heavy use without breaking down over time. The stitching is reinforced in key areas to prevent ripping or fraying even when your pup tugs and plays rough.

Metal hardware including the buckle and D-rings are made from rust-proof materials so they won’t degrade from exposure to water or moisture when you’re out and about. The sleek metal buckle has a smooth quick-release mechanism that makes taking the collar on and off a breeze while still staying securely fastened when closed.

With its rugged nylon webbing and high-quality hardware, this collar is ready for hiking trails, lakeside romps, and everything in between.

Customizable Fit

The Made to Roam collar is available in three different width options – 0.5″, 1″, and 1.5″ – so you can find the perfect size for your dog. The adjustable design lets you custom-fit the collar to your pup’s neck size for their ideal fit and comfort.

For petite pups or dogs with slender necks, opt for the 0.5″ width. Medium and large breed dogs will likely fit best in the 1″ width. And for extra large and powerful breeds like Mastiffs or Rottweilers, choose the 1.5″ width collar for the best fit.

No matter what size your dog is, the collar can be adjusted from 10 to 26 inches long to accommodate most neck sizes. Just slide the end through the metal buckle to tighten or loosen as needed to achieve the perfect fit that’s not too tight or too loose.

Designed for Function & Style

The Made to Roam collar doesn’t just excel at strength and durability, it also adds stylish good looks to your dog’s adventures. It comes in attractive color patterns like Black Hills Gold, Colorado Nightsky, Pacific Beaches, and more to suit your pup’s personality and style.

The minimalist design focuses on high-performing features without a lot of frills. The Made to Roam logo is subtly embossed into the nylon so it won’t rub off or degrade over time. A large D-ring provides a solid attachment point for your leash while a smaller one allows you to clip on your dog’s ID tag.

Take your dog’s fashion and function to the next level with the Made to Roam heavy-duty dog collar. Its rugged build and understated style make it the perfect accessory for dogs with an adventurous spirit. With sizes to fit breeds of all shapes and sizes, your dog will get the customized fit they need to roam free in comfort and durability.


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