Ruffwear – Tangle Long Leash Dog Training Lead – For Obedience, Recall Training, and Outdoor Adventures



Take your dog’s training and adventures to new lengths with the Ruffwear Tangle Long Leash. This versatile dog leash allows you to give your pup more freedom to explore while maintaining control and teaching recall.

Made from durable and lightweight materials, the Tangle withstands even the most enthusiastic pullers. The high-tensile strength polyester webbing can withstand over 750 pounds of force. It features a secure metal clip and handle that won’t fail.

Available in lengths up to 50 feet, it gives your dog room to wander, play, and swim while allowing you to reel them back in when needed. The bright colors make it easy to keep an eye on your pup.

Train Better Recall

A long leash is an excellent training tool for reinforcing recall. Start in low distraction areas and reward your dog for responding promptly to your recall cue. Slowly work up to more challenging environments, keeping your dog safe while allowing them to venture further away.

The lightweight Tangle won’t weigh your dog down or get tangled like a rope leash. Let your dog drag and work the long lead without catching or snagging.

Explore Safely Off-Leash

Tired of your dog taking off after squirrels when you unclip the leash? The Tangle allows for off-leash freedom while giving you control.

Head to a trail, field, or beach and let your dog wander and play while staying tethered. Reel them in if needed. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, adventures at the park, playing fetch, and exploring.

Swim & Play

The Tangle’s waterproof polyester webbing allows your dog to enjoy lakes, rivers, and oceans without compromising security.

Let your water-loving lab leap off the dock while you hold the handle on shore. Or wade along a riverbank while your pup splashes around you. The leash floats alongside your dog.

Its lightweight material also makes it fast-drying. Sand brushes right off, so it’s great for beach adventures too.

Key Features:

  • Durable polyester webbing withstands over 750 pounds of force
  • Waterproof & fast-drying
  • Adjustable handle provides secure control
  • Floats alongside your dog in water
  • Available in lengths up to 50 feet
  • Multiple bright colors for high visibility
  • Metal clip & reinforced connection points for security
  • Doesn’t get tangled like rope leashes

Ideal Uses:

  • Recall training
  • Hiking & camping
  • Playing fetch
  • Beach & water play
  • Field exploration
  • Obedience training
  • Off-leash control

Give your dog more freedom while maintaining control with the versatile Ruffwear Tangle Long Leash. It provides a secure connection without tangling or weighing your adventure buddy down.

Let your dog safely explore, play, train, hike, swim, and more while teaching them to reliably come when called.


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