Say Goodbye to Pet Hair with This 3-in-1 Pet Hair Remover Roller Kit



Tired of pet hair covering your furniture, clothes, and car? Struggling to remove those stubborn tufts that seem glued in place? Then it’s time to try the Pet Hair Remover Roller Kit – the ultimate solution for tackling fur and lint around your home.

This innovative 3-in-1 kit contains everything you need to banish pet hair for good. It includes a pet hair remover, sticky lint roller, and lint shaver so you can target fur and lint on any surface.


Remove Pet Hair from Any Surface
The kit’s pet hair remover features upgraded durable fur-grabbing bristles and a solid ABS plastic body. Just roll it back and forth over furniture, bedding, clothing, car seats, and more to trap loose hairs. The hair collects in a receptacle that empties with the push of a button. No batteries or power required!

Extra Sticky Lint Roller

The included lint roller has extreme sticky sheets to grab what your pet hair remover can’t. Use it on sweaters, delicate fabrics, leather furniture, and other surfaces where brushing isn’t ideal. Each roller has 50 sheets and a 1.5″ wide roll.

Gentle Lint Shaver
This silicone lint shaver safely removes deep, clinging fur and lint without damaging delicate fabrics. Use it on upholstery, carpets, pet beds, and clothing for thorough removal. No snags!

Reusable & Easy to Clean
All the tools in this kit are reusable. Just empty the pet hair remover receptacle, peel off lint roller sheets as they become covered in fur, and rinse the lint shaver when needed. With the proper care, these tools will provide Fur-Free Living for years to come!

Say Goodbye to Pesky Pet Hair!

Pet owners know the struggle all too well. You tidy up the house only to find fur tumbleweeds gather in corners within minutes. Your dark pants suddenly sport light fur accents after sitting on the couch. And your backseat resembles a fur salon after driving your pup to the park.

Fur on your clothes, furniture, and car is annoying at best and embarrassing at worst. Not to mention it can aggravate allergies. But you love your fur baby too much to consider drastic measures like banning them from the couch or car.

That’s where the Pet Hair Remover Roller Kit saves the day! With three specialized tools, it tackles pet hair in every space.

When to Use Each Tool

Pet Hair Remover – Use this on fabric furniture, pet beds, upholstered car seats, carpets, and more. The bristles grab loose hairs from flat surfaces.

Lint Roller – This picks up dander, hair, and fuzz from delicate fabrics like sweaters and dress pants that brushing could damage. Also great for leather that the remover’s bristles could scratch.

Lint Shaver – For deep, clinging fur on furniture and pet beds, the lint shaver does the job. It’s safe for all fabrics and perfect for reaching into crevices.

With the right tool for every job, you’ll have no surface left uncovered. This kit offers a complete pet hair removal solution.

Pet Fur Protection for Your Home

Here are just a few ways the Pet Hair Remover Roller Kit will rescue you from fur takeovers:

From your couch and chairs to ottomans and headboards, fabric furniture acts as a pet hair magnet. Using the lint roller and pet hair remover keeps these pieces hair-free so you don’t look like you’re raising dogs!


When vacuuming fails to get all the fur out of carpets, the lint shaver comes to the rescue. It removes stubborn tufts vacuums leave behind, keeping your floors fresh.

Dog adventures often leave the backseat looking furry. Quickly remove all traces of fur before your next drive with family or clients. The lint roller also cleans pet hair off visors, dashboards, and leather seats.


From sheets to clothes covered in fur, this kit saves laundry day! Remove pupper fur before washing so it doesn’t end up all over your clean clothes.

Pet Beds
Even your cat or dog’s bed collects their hair. The lint shaver refreshes these beds between washes, leaving your pet comfy.


Customers who bought the Pet Hair Remover Roller Kit can’t believe how well it conquers fur! Just read these reviews:

“This kit is a lifesaver for pet hair. I have a German Shepherd and it gets everywhere. Now I can quickly remove it from any surface. I use the roller on clothes and furniture, the brush on upholstery, and the shaver gets the tough spots. My home looks clean again!” – Kelly R.

“I was so tired of lint rollers not working well enough on my furniture. This pet hair remover grabs all the fur the rollers miss. My couch looks brand new! I use the shaver on my dog’s bed too. Great product.” – James T.

“Love this set! With a cat who sheds nonstop, I need good removal tools. The lint shaver is amazing for getting fur off corners, crevices, and carpets. Roller is perfect for clothes. My car is fur-free too. I recommend this to all pet parents!” – Christine A.

Experience Fur-Free Living

If you’re ready to take back your home from pet fur tumbleweeds, the Pet Hair Remover Roller Kit is for you. With a tool specially designed for every surface, you’ll win the battle against clingy pet hair once and for all.

This remover set makes the perfect gift for any pet lover too. Give the gift of Fur-Free Living to family and friends.

Don’t waste another minute sweeping and lint rolling without seeing results. Order the Pet Hair Remover Roller Kit now and say goodbye to pet fur for good!


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