Secure Your Pet’s Safety with Reliable Carrier Fasteners



Keep your furry friend safe and secure while traveling with this 8 pack of universal replacement pet carrier fasteners. Designed to securely fasten metal bolts on any brand of airline-approved pet carriers, these clear plastic nuts provide an extra layer of confidence for pet parents.

Travel Stress-Free Knowing Your Pet is Protected

Pet travel can be stressful for both pet and parent. From navigating airport security to in-flight turbulence, a loose or faulty carrier latch is the last thing you need to worry about. Our universal carrier fasteners are engineered to hold metal bolts firmly in place, keeping your pet’s kennel securely closed throughout your travels.

The transparent plastic nuts allow easy visual confirmation that the bolts are properly fastened, giving you peace of mind. No more fiddling with tricky latches or constantly checking if your pet has figured out how to nudge the door open. Just set it and forget it with our reliable fasteners.

Hassle-Free Airline Inspections

Airline employees can easily inspect the secure metal bolt fastenings through the transparent replacement nuts. This speeds up the inspection process, getting you and your furry companion through security and onto your flight without hassle or undue stress.

While some pets love to travel, others can get anxious being in new environments. Loose fasteners that allow them to poke their nose or paw out can contribute to travel anxiety. Our fasteners keep your pet safely contained, avoiding opportunities for escape that could distress sensitive animals.

Universal Size Fits All Carriers

With a one-size-fits-all design, our replacement nuts are compatible with nearly any brand of airline-approved pet carrier. No more scrambling to find the right sized replacements for your particular model. Our fasteners work with both hard and soft-sided kennels.

We provide nuts in three popular sizes – 7/8″, 1 1/4″, and 1 3/4″ – to securely fit bolts on any crate. No matter if you have a cozy Sherpa carrier or sturdy Petmate kennel, our fasteners will keep it safely closed.

Secure Metal Bolt Design

While many inferior fasteners have flimsy plastic bolts, we only use solid metal to securely anchor the nuts. Metal bolts provide superior strength to maintain closure, preventing clever paws from popping them open. The zinc coating resists corrosion over time.

Plastic fastener bolts can degrade, crack, and fail over repeated use. Our steel bolts withstand the rigors of frequent travel without bending or breaking. Forget about arriving to find broken bolts and an loose pet – our fasteners are made to last.

Replace Missing or Faulty Fasteners

Over time, wear and tear can lead to lost or damaged fasteners. A missing nut or cracked bolt renders your pet carrier unsafe for travel. With our convenient 8 pack, you can easily replace individual damaged or missing fasteners to make old kennels roadworthy again.

Eliminate the need to purchase an entire new carrier just because the fasteners are compromised. Our nuts and bolts restore the safety and security of well-loved crates at a fraction of the cost.

Durable Construction

Both metal bolts and plastic nuts feature durable zinc and steel construction designed to withstand years of regular use. The transparent polycarbonate nuts won’t crack or cloud over time like cheaper acrylic nuts.

While thinner fasteners bend and deform under pressure, our hefty construction remains rigid trip after trip. The zinc coating on both nut and bolt prevents rusting – an occurrence that can weaken and degrade cheaper fasteners.

Easy to Install

Installation takes just minutes with basic hand tools like a wrench, pliers, or screwdriver. Simply remove any compromised fasteners, align new bolts through the carrier holes, and screw on the clear nuts until tight. It’s that easy to renew your pet carrier for safe use.

If your carrier model uses rivets instead of bolts, you may need to drill out the rivets to install our bolts and nuts. An electric drill with a 1/8-inch bit makes quick work of removing rivets. Use caution when drilling near your pet.

Avoid Counterfeit Kennel Parts

When searching for replacement pet carrier parts online, many third party offerings appear suspiciously cheap. These knock-off fasteners are often low quality, made from inferior materials that compromise safety.

Don’t take risks with questionable nuts and bolts – our fasteners are engineered to meet stringent quality standards for secure pet travel. We use durable, high-grade materials designed to safely contain animals in transit.

Make Pet Travel Safer

Using unreliable fasteners that loosen mid-flight is an unnecessary risk. Our kennel fastener kit contains everything you need for secure closure you can trust, letting you focus on helping your pet stay calm and comfortable.

For added confidence during take-off and landing, use zip ties as a secondary measure of reinforcement. Simply loop zip ties through the metal bolts for redundant protection against your furry Houdini opening the door.

With our clear replacement nuts and sturdy metal bolts, you can have peace of mind during pet travel knowing your companion is safely contained. Stop wasting time juggling loose fasteners and invest in the reliable quality your pet deserves.


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