Six Foot Heavy Duty Leather Dog Training Leash – Black



Having a well-trained dog is a joy, but getting to that point takes time, patience, and the right training tools. This six foot heavy duty leather dog leash is designed specifically for dog owners who are committed to proper leash training. With its premium thick leather construction, solid brass hardware, and conveniently long length, this leash provides everything you need to teach even the strongest, most energetic dogs how to walk politely and obediently on leash.

Thick, Full Grain Leather is Virtually Indestructible

The leash is constructed from a single piece of high quality, full grain leather measuring 5/8 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. Full grain leather comes from the outer layer of the hide and is preferred for its strength, durability, and natural scuff resistance. It won’t fray or fall apart under pressure like cheaper top grain leather. Even after years of regular use, a full grain leather dog leash will show a beautiful patina but remain structurally sound.

Full grain leather can withstand over 245 lbs of pulling force, which means this leash can handle even the most powerful dog breeds like Pitbulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Husky mixes that tend to pull hard during training. The leash won’t rip or snap, keeping your dog secure while teaching proper leash manners.

Secure Solid Brass Hardware Stays Clipped On

A quality dog leash needs hardware that is just as durable as the leather itself. That’s why our leash uses a thick, solid brass clasp and ring rather than flimsy zinc alloy or stainless steel. The clasp smoothly and securely attaches to your dog’s collar D-ring with a spring-loaded mechanism that won’t open back up until YOU push the release button.

Having a clasp that won’t pop open accidentally keeps your dog from getting loose unexpectedly during important training sessions. We want to ensure complete control and safety for you and your pup!

6 Foot Length Recommended for Proper Dog Training

Dog trainers almost universally recommend using a 6 foot leash when leash training. This gives you better control over your dog, allowing you to keep them close at hand. A longer leash gives your dog too much freedom to ignore commands and pull on walks.

Having 6 feet of length also gives you room to work on obedience commands and leash cues without your dog bumping into your legs or getting tangled up. However, it’s still short enough to maintain your leadership role and quickly correct unwanted behaviors like lunging or jumping.

Whether your goal is basic leash manners or advanced obedience work, our 6 foot heavy duty leather dog leash has an ideal length for training of all kinds.

Soft Leather is Gentle on Your Hands

Leather’s natural softness makes this leash much more comfortable to hold than nylon options. The supple leather won’t create painful rubs or blisters on your hands, even during long training sessions. It also stays cool to the touch rather than getting hot and sticky with sweat.

Despite being soft and flexible, our full grain leather still has a tight grain structure that won’t twist or tangle. You’ll have excellent control of your dog without the leash digging into your palm or catching on your training aids and jacket.

Minimal Maintenance Required

One of the benefits of leather is that it rarely requires deep cleaning in order to look nice. Just wipe the leash down regularly with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust before it can soak in. Then apply a leather conditioner every few months to replenish oils and keep it from drying out.

Over time, the oils in your hand along with exposure to sunlight will cause the black leather to lighten into a rich, mahogany brown patina. This color change is natural and gives the leash an antiqued appearance that many consider quite beautiful! But don’t worry, it’s still just as strong despite darkening with age.

Lifetime Guarantee for Your Peace of Mind

We want you to feel confident purchasing our heavy duty leather dog leash, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee against defects. In the rare event the leash arrives with a manufacturing flaw, simply send it back for a replacement.

We also guarantee the leash’s durability – if you find that it’s not standing up to normal use the way a premium leather product should, we will provide a refund or replacement. We expect this virtually indestructible leash to last for many years of walks, training sessions, and creating happy memories with your furry friend!

With its unmatched strength, high quality craftsmanship, and versatile 6 foot length, this is the last leather dog leash your will ever need to buy. Order today and see the training results for yourself!


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