Spike Mat – The Humane Way to Keep Pets Out of Your Garden



Keep your furry friends safe while protecting your yard with the Spike Mat. This innovative deterrent mat uses gentle but effective spikes to teach your pets to stay away from certain areas, keeping them from ruining your lawn and garden. Made of durable plastic, the Spike Mat is designed for indoor and outdoor use and works great for cats, dogs, and other household pets.

Safe and Effective Pet Training

The Spike Mat takes a humane approach to pet training. The spikes are rounded on top and do not harm paws, but still provide an unpleasant texture that deters pets from stepping on the mat. Simply place the mat around the areas you want to protect, like flower beds, vegetable gardens, or potted plants. The unique spike design triggers your pet’s natural instinct to avoid uncomfortable surfaces. Over time, they learn to avoid areas with the training mat.

High Quality and Durable Material

Constructed from thick, rigid plastic, the Spike Mat is built to last through all seasons. The sturdy spikes maintain their shape even when stepped on repeatedly. The mats can withstand exposure to sun, rain, snow, and fluctuating temperatures while remaining effective. The durable plastic also cleans easily by rinsing with water.

Customizable Size and Shape

At 78 inches long by 11 inches wide, each Spike Mat provides ample coverage to block access to problem areas in your yard. For even more flexibility, the mats can be cut to any size or shape needed. Cut them into smaller pieces to place around individual pots or garden plots. Or, cutstrips can be lined up to cover a larger area. Each pack comes with 10 garden staples to securely anchor the mats in place, indoors or out.

Pet-Safe and Easy to Use

While startling at first, the Spike Mat will not puncture paws or cause injury. The rounded spike tips gently discourage pets without harming them. Start by placing the mats around the areas you want to protect. It may take a few encounters for your pet to learn to avoid the mats. Be patient and consistent, and reinforce training with praise and treats when they choose not to step on the mat. Soon your garden areas will be pet-free!

Keep Your Yard Beautiful

Tired of constantly replanting flowers and produce? The damage can really add up, not to mention the disappointment of seeing your hard work dug up and destroyed. With the Spike Mat, you can relax knowing your yard is protected in a gentle, pet-safe way. Use it to:

  • Protect flower beds, vegetable gardens, and potted plants
  • Block access to trash cans and compost piles
  • Keep pets off porches, patios, and deck areas
  • Stop pets from going in unwanted rooms
  • Deter digging in yards and mulch areas

Give your plants and yard a fighting chance against your curious furry friends. The Spike Mat is an easy solution that keeps your pets safe while training them to avoid off-limit areas.


  • Humane and Effective: Rounded spike tips gently deter pets without causing injury
  • Durable: Thick plastic withstands regular use outdoors and indoors
  • Easy to Use: Just place around areas you want to protect
  • Customizable: Cut to any size or shape needed
  • Year-Round Protection: Use for all seasons to protect gardens and yards

Ideal Uses:

  • Protect flower beds and vegetable gardens
  • Block access to trash cans and compost piles
  • Keep pets off porches, patios, and decks
  • Deter digging in mulch and yards
  • Keep pets out of unwanted rooms

Package Contents:

  • 1x 78″ x 11″ Spike Pet Deterrent Mat
  • 10x Garden Staples

Give your garden and yard a fighting chance! Order the Spike Mat today and teach your pets to paws off certain areas in a gentle, humane way.


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