Teach Your Dog Obedience and Correct Bad Behavior with This Advanced Dog Training Collar



Do you want an effective and humane way to train your dog and correct bad behaviors? Look no further than the MAISOIE Dog Training Collar. This advanced dog shock collar makes it easy to reinforce obedience training and stop your dog’s excessive barking, chewing, biting, chasing cars, aggression, and other unwanted behaviors.

With the MAISOIE Dog Training Collar, you get 3 efficient training modes – beep, vibration, and static shock – to suit your dog’s unique temperament. The beep mode gets your dog’s attention, the vibration provides a gentle nudge, and the shock delivers a safe static correction when needed.

You can choose from 0 to 100 shock levels and 1 to 10 vibration levels to find the right setting for your dog. The lower levels work well for training small and timid dogs. Higher levels deter more stubborn dogs from bad habits. This collar is safe, efficient, and humane for dogs 15 to 100 pounds.

Key Features of the MAISOIE Dog Training Collar:

3 Efficient Training Modes

The MAISOIE dog collar provides beep, vibration, and adjustable shock modes to reinforce training, deter barking, and end other nuisance behaviors. You control the intensity to suit your dog.

1300 ft Remote Range

The remote has an impressive 1300 ft range, so you can train your dog in the backyard, at the park, or on camping trips. No more chasing your dog to correct behavior!

Rechargeable and Waterproof

Both the remote and collar are rechargeable. A full 2-3 hour charge lasts about 10 days for the collar and 40 days for the remote. The waterproof collar receiver allows your dog to swim and play in the rain without removing it.

Long and Short Metal Probes

This collar comes with both long and short stainless steel contact points. Choose the right size for your dog’s hair length to ensure consistent contact.

Adjustable 9-26” Collar

Fit small, medium, and large breed dogs 15 pounds and up with the adjustable nylon collar strap. Get the perfect custom fit to keep the contacts against your dog’s skin.

Safety Lock

A safety lock feature prevents accidental shocks while the collar is in your pocket or bag. You have to hold the button down intentionally to deliver a correction.

Dual Channel Remote

Train two dogs at once with the dual channel remote! Distinguish the buttons by touch thanks to the unique designs. No more mixing up your dogs during training sessions.

Use the MAISOIE Dog Collar to:

  • Reinforce obedience training for commands like sit, stay, down, come, heel, and no
  • Stop excessive, nuisance barking
  • Prevent aggression towards people and other animals
  • End destructive chewing of furniture, shoes, etc.
  • Keep your dog from chasing cars, bikes, etc.
  • Discourage digging up your garden and flower beds
  • Control jumping on people and furniture
  • Stop wandering and bolting out doors or gates

The key is finding the right stimulation level that gets your dog’s attention and deters the bad behavior without overdoing it. Take the time to find your dog’s perfect setting when introducing the collar.

How to Use the Dog Training Collar:

Using the collar consistently and correctly is important for your dog to understand how to avoid the static correction. Follow these tips:

1. Put the Collar on Properly

Make sure the collar fits snugly against your dog’s neck with the contacts touching the skin. You should be able to fit two fingers under the band. Check the tightness often.

2. Find the Right Stimulation Level

Start on the lowest level and work your way up until you find the minimum level that distracts your dog from the unwanted behavior. This is usually different for each dog.

3. Use the Warning Beep First

Give a warning beep before using vibration or shock. This allows your dog to avoid the correction. With time, the beep will become a strong deterrent on its own.

4. Only Use the Collar During Training Sessions

Don’t leave the collar on all the time. Put it on right before a focused obedience or behavior training session for the most impact.

5. Reward Good Behavior

Remember to give your dog lots of praise and treats when he follows commands and avoids unwanted behaviors. Positive reinforcement is key.

6. Be Consistent

Use the collar consistently every time you notice the unwanted behavior starting until it is under control. Timing is essential.

Invest in the MAISOIE Dog Training Collar today to reinforce obedience and correct your dog’s bad behaviors with safe, efficient training technology. The right stimulation paired with your active leadership will lead to a happy, well-trained canine companion. Order now and unleash your dog’s best behavior!


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