The Revolutionary PETLIBRO Dockstream Cat Water Fountain – Fresh, Clean Water Anywhere for Your Feline Friends



Keep your cats hydrated and healthy with the innovative PETLIBRO Dockstream Cat Water Fountain. This revolutionary battery-operated water fountain provides a constant supply of fresh, filtered water – even in locations without access to power outlets.

The built-in rechargeable battery offers exceptional performance, providing up to 30 days of use on a single charge. Your pets can enjoy clean water around the clock, without you having to worry about wires or external power.

Designed for convenience, the detachable water tank and wireless pump make cleaning a breeze. The rounded corners eliminate places for grime to accumulate, so you spend less time on maintenance.

Dual water flow modes cater to your pet’s preferences. The new induction mode senses when your cat is nearby, delivering a refreshing 20-second stream to encourage drinking. It also releases a short flow hourly to keep their attention. Switch to regular mode for a continuous flow.

Advanced 3-stage filtration removes impurities and enriches the water with oxygen for improved taste. The vertical filtration system includes:

  • Ion exchange resin to remove heavy metals
  • Activated carbon to eliminate foul odors
  • Non-woven fabric to capture debris
  • High-density sponge to further filter and prevent blockages

Your picky feline will love the free-falling stream or bubble fountain. The flowing water entices them to drink more, promoting kidney health. We recommend changing filters every 2 weeks. Search for “B0B7J16VGK” to purchase official replacement filters.

The silent operation creates a peaceful environment for you and your pets. Advanced water flow engineering reduces noise to an incredible 23dB – quieter than a whisper.

Innovative sensors monitor water and battery levels, sending alerts when it’s time to refill. An automatic shutoff feature stops the pump if water gets too low, preventing potential overheating.

Constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free ABS plastic, the fountain is safe for cats. The snap lid and 130mL storage capacity prevent spills if accidentally knocked over.

Give your cats the gift of good hydration and health. Order the revolutionary PETLIBRO Dockstream Cat Water Fountain today!


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