The Travel Pet Gate for Home and On-the-Go Pet Care



Keeping your furry friends safe at home or on the go can be a challenge, but the Pet Life Porta-Gate makes it easy. This lightweight, folding pet gate provides a quick and convenient barrier for pets without any complicated installation. Just twist the ends to expand to the perfect width for your doorway or opening from 26.4 to 36.4 inches. The rubberized grips hold securely once tightened, so you can rest assured this pet gate will stay firmly in place.

Designed for Versatile Use

Don’t let the compact size fool you – this pet gate packs some big benefits! It’s ideal for travel, thanks to the folding design that makes storage a breeze. But it also works great for everyday use blocking off rooms, keeping pets away from litter boxes or trash, separating anxious pets, and more. The adjustable width ensures a custom fit for your space.

Safety for Pets of All Sizes

The Porta-Gate is made of high-quality, pet-safe mesh that keeps pets contained without risk of injury. Built-in rubber bumpers provide added protection. For multi-pet families, the included zippered door allows small pets to pass through while keeping larger pets secure. The metal frame and tight mesh prevent climbing and squeezing through.

Sets Up in Seconds

Say goodbye to complicated installation and tools! This pet gate couldn’t be easier to use. Just expand to the desired width, tighten the grips, and you’re done. No drilling, hardware or damage to your walls required. For travel, it folds down flat in just seconds. The lightweight 8 pound design makes it easy to transport and store when not in use.

Take It Anywhere

The Porta-Gate is designed for portable pet care. Take it along in the car for visits to family or pet-friendly hotels. Use it to block off an area at the park or beach to keep your pets close. Protect your pup in unfamiliar, open spaces. Contain the chaos at pet events or outings. Anywhere your pets go, this gate can go too!

Peace of Mind On the Go

Vacationing and traveling with pets poses unique challenges and risks. With the Porta-Gate, easily provide a safe space for your pets in any new environment. The sturdy yet portable gate lets you quickly block off an area or room for your pet while preventing access to hazards or off-limit spaces. No need to worry about pets getting loose or into trouble in a new place.

Protect Your Home Too

The Porta-Gate isn’t just for travel! Many pet parents find it indispensable for everyday use at home. Keep dogs out of litter boxes or away from trash cans. Block access to cords, houseplants, and other dangers. Separate feuding pets. Limit access to specific rooms or keep pets in one area when the door is open. The options are endless!

Customizable Pet Space

With its adjustable width, this pet gate creates the perfect space for your pet. Expand it wide to give pets more room to play and move around. Narrow it for a cozy, den-like retreat for anxious or nervous pets. Use it to partition a large room into separate pet zones. Arrange multiple gates to make custom enclosures anywhere in your home.

All Day Pet Monitoring

Unlike fixed pet gates, the Porta-Gate allows you to easily bring your pet’s gate-enclosed space from room to room. Keep your pet comfortably confined regardless of what part of the home you’re in. Move it near the home office during work hours, then to the bedroom at night. Perfect for keeping new pets or pets in training close by!

Assures Pet Safety and Owner Peace of Mind

Every pet parent understands the constant concern over keeping rambunctious pets safe. Puppies and kittens are full of curiosity that can lead them into hazardous spaces or harmful items in your home if left unsupervised. Anxious pets may try to run off when doors open. Seniors with cognitive issues like dementia may become disoriented or lost. The Porta-Gate provides a simple way to create safe zones and give pet owners reassuring peace of mind.


Lightweight folding design sets up in seconds without tools or hardware
Adjustable width from 26.4 to 36.4 inches fits standard openings
Sturdy grips and rubber bumpers keep pets safely contained
Zippered door allows small pets to pass through while securing large pets
Portable for travel, yet versatile for everyday home use
Customizable barriers and enclosures for pets
Monitor and confine pets in any room of your home
Pet-safe construction with tight mesh prevents escapes
Easy to use for pet owners of all ages and mobility levels
Bring the Porta-Gate home to your pets today and experience the convenience of quick, customized pet containment and safety in your home or on the go!


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