Train Your Dog Like a Pro with the lynxking Double Handle Training Leash



Have you struggled to control your dog on walks? Do they constantly pull or get distracted, making your strolls together more frustrating than fun? A quality leash designed for training can make all the difference. That’s why we created the lynxking Double Handle Dog Training Leash – the top choice for both professional dog trainers and everyday pet parents.

With two padded handles, you get the perfect combo of control and freedom. The handle at 6ft lets your dog explore and sniff, while the handle at 2ft provides instant control when needed. Switch between the handles as you walk to reinforce good leash manners. The leash is made from durable, high-density natural fiber webbing that’s gentle on your hands. It withstands heavy pulling with no tugging or friction burns.

We know tangling is a huge hassle with standard leashes. That’s why our leash has a heavy-duty swivel snap hook that prevents twisting. Your dog can wander freely without getting tangled up. Plus, the metal D-ring lets you attach waste bags, keys or other accessories for convenience.

Whether you’re teaching loose leash walking, working on reactivity training or practicing obedience commands, this leash has you covered. The two handles give you the flexibility to find what works best for your unique training situation.

Benefits of Our Double Handle Dog Training Leash

Total Control When You Need It

The handle positioned just 2ft from the collar clip gives you instant control over pulling, lunging or excessive barking. Easily correct unwanted behaviors on the spot.

Freedom of Movement

Let your dog explore, sniff and be a dog with the 6ft handle. The longer length allows natural movement without tugging on your arm.

No More Tangling!

Our 360 degree swivel snap hook prevents the leash from twisting up. Your dog can wander and sniff without getting tangled.

D-Ring for Convenience

Attach waste bags, keys or other accessories to the metal D-ring. Never worry about forgetting bags again.

Padded Handles Prevent Burns

The two rope handles have a soft padded lining that protects your hands from friction burns if your dog lunges or pulls.

High-Quality Natural Fiber Webbing

Made from durable high-density webbing that’s gentle on hands. It withstands heavy pulling without any stretching or damage.

Better Communication and Bonding

Switching between the handles lets you reinforce commands and positively interact with your dog while training.

Start Training with Confidence

Our leash is perfect for training beginners or more advanced obedience work. The dual handles build communication with your dog for a better relationship.

Obedience Training: Correct pulling, teach heel or practice sits and stays with total control. The 2ft handle lets you instantly reinforce commands.

Leash Manners: Stop lunging, jumping and excessive barking. Guide your dog to walk calmly by your side, even in distracting environments.

Reactivity Training: Correct unwanted behaviors towards people, animals or objects. Shorten the leash to maintain control and minimize reactions.

Puppy Training: Set the foundation for good leash habits. Let your puppy explore safely while correcting biting or jumping up.

Sniff Walks: Use the longer handle to give your dog freedom to sniff and wander while maintaining a loose leash.

Choose from 8 Bright Colors

Available in blue, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple and black. With highly visible colors, cars and bicyclists can easily see your dog for safety. Match your leash to your dog’s collar or harness.

Our leash comes in two sizes:

1 3/4 inch width x 6 foot length – For medium and large dog breeds over 40 lbs. Made of heavy-duty natural fiber webbing.

1 inch width x 6 foot length – For small breeds under 40 lbs. Constructed from lightweight nylon webbing.

We stand behind the quality of our leashes. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. Try it on your next walk and see the training difference!


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