Walk Your Dog With Ease and Comfort Using Our Triple Handle Traffic Dog Leash



Tired of being pulled down the street by your excited pup? Frustrated with tangled leashes and sore wrists? Look no further than our Max and Neo Triple Handle Traffic Dog Leash. Specially designed to give you maximum control, this innovative leash features not one, not two, but three padded handles to make walking your dog a breeze.

Our Unique Triple Handle System Lets You Take Charge

The key to this leash is the smartly positioned middle handle located 44 inches from the sturdy metal clip. Holding this middle handle gives you the leverage you need to easily rein in even the most rambunctious, high-energy dog. No more being yanked off your feet! The padded neoprene handle protects your hand and makes the leash extra comfortable to hold.

Up by the clasp, an 18 inch handle gives you close control in crowded areas like the vet’s office or a busy park trail. Holding your dog near keeps him attentive and less likely to get tangled around poles or other dogs.

The last padded handle at the end of the five foot leash protects your wrist from strain. You can also loop it around your wrist for extra security if your dog is prone to lunging after squirrels.

Thoughtful Design Meets Heavy Duty Construction

This intelligently engineered triple handle leash may have fancy features, but it’s built rugged and tough. No frail nylon here! We use a durable 2mm thick webbing that feels soft yet has incredible tensile strength to withstand constant pulling from even the largest dogs.

Connections are solid too. The clasp is made of heavy duty zinc alloy and securely crimped to the webbing. Handles are double stitched for durability at key stress points. Reflective thread sewn along the length improves visibility at night.

At 1 inch wide, this leash gives you excellent control without digging painfully into your hand like thinner leashes. The supple woven nylon has just the right amount of give to take the force out of sudden lunges or tangles.

Perfect For Dog Rescues and Shelters Too

This versatile leash isn’t just for regular pet owners. Rescues and shelters love our triple handle traffic leashes too. They stand up to the tough, repeated use that dogs fresh from the shelter dish out. The special middle handle gives instant correction and control to dogs unaccustomed to walking on leash.

To support rescues, we donate one Max and Neo leash for every leash purchased. Rescues are constantly in need of quality supplies, so we contribute to provide them a steady stream of leashes. If you run a rescue and need a donation, please reach out so we can get leashes to you.

Order With Confidence and Give Back

You can feel good knowing your purchase helps both you and dogs in need. We’ll handle everything else – from donating your free leash to a deserving rescue to getting your new triple handle traffic leash shipped fast. We know you’ll love the smart design and durable construction that makes controlling your strong puller so much easier.

But if you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement. We stand behind our innovative Max and Neo leashes and want you and your dog to be happy. Please note we only accept returns on unused merchandise in new condition.

Take the first step towards no more leash headaches and order your Max and Neo Triple Handle Traffic Dog Leash today! In sleek black or bright blue, it makes an excellent and thoughtful gift too. For easier walks and healthier play, choose the leash with strength, comfort and heart built right in.


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