Walk Your Pup in Style and Comfort with the Mercano Soft Mesh Dog Harness and Leash Set



Do you dread walking your dog because he pulls incessantly on the leash, choking himself in the process? Are you worried about your pooch slipping out of a too-loose collar and running away? Stop stressing and try the Mercano Soft Mesh Dog Harness and Leash Set for happy, hassle-free strolls with your pup!

This brilliant no-choke dog harness takes all the frustration out of leash training and daily walks. The lightweight mesh material is soft and comfortable against your dog’s skin while the adjustable straps and step-in design make it easy to put on and take off.

But this harness isn’t just about your dog’s comfort. It’s also engineered for security, with heavy-duty hardware to prevent escapes. The fast-release buckle and reinforced D-ring leash attachment give you complete control on walks. Reflective accents provide visibility at night. And the included leash has a padded handle and convenient poop bag holder for a fuss-free walking experience.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at all the features that make this the ultimate dog walking accessory!

A Custom Fit for Optimal Comfort

Getting the right size harness is critical for your dog’s comfort. This Mercano harness comes in multiple sizes to accommodate dogs with chests measuring between 14 to 34 inches.

Before you buy, carefully measure around the widest part of your dog’s chest. Refer to the size chart to pick the closest fit. If your dog falls between sizes, size up for the most comfort.

The adjustable straps and quick snap buckles also allow you to tweak the harness for the perfect custom fit. Once on, the lightweight mesh material won’t chafe or rub, even on dogs with short fur. The breathable fabric keeps your pup cool on hot days too.

Step-In Design for Easy On and Off

Struggling to fit a harness over your dog’s head? The Mercano harness solves this problem with an innovative step-in design.

Just unclip the quick release buckle and open the Velcro neck closure. Next, slip your dog’s front legs through the loops so the harness rests along the chest and back. Reattach the Velcro strap and click the buckle closed.

This hassle-free fitting process takes seconds. Dogs won’t have to suffer being pushed and pulled into a traditional overhead harness. And the quick snap buckle means you can get the harness on and off in a flash.

Escape-Proof for Safety and Security

Has your slippery canine Houdini ever backed out of a collar or wiggled free from a flimsy harness? This is a common and dangerous problem that the Mercano harness is specially designed to prevent.

The reinforced buckle and straps are made of durable nylon webbing to withstand pulling without breakage. The buckle clicks together securely and takes two hands to release for protection against accidental opening.

There are also two heavy-duty D-ring leash attachment points – one on the back and one on the chest. Using both rings distributes your dog’s pulling force across the harness so he can’t slip free. The front ring also helps deter lunging and pulling by redirecting your dog back towards you.

You can take your pooch on worry-free walks knowing this harness will keep him safe and secure.

Added Features for Evening Strolls

Don’t cut your walk short just because the sun is going down. The Mercano harness has reflective strips and attachments for lights to keep your dog visible after dark.

The bright 360° reflective bands reflect ambient light and passing headlights. Your dog will shine bright when cars’ headlights hit the harness.

There is also a D-ring on the side to attach flashing LED lights or other visibility accessories. Clip on some lights before heading out at night or early in the morning.

You and your pup can now enjoy strolls year-round, rain or shine, day or night!

Padded Leash for Comfortable Control

A harness is only half of the equation – having a comfortable leash is just as important. That’s why the Mercano set comes with a cozy padded leash and handy poop bag carrier.

The leash is made of durable nylon webbing with a soft padded hand loop so the leash won’t dig into your hands during walks. The swivel snap clip securely attaches to your dog’s harness and prevents tangling.

There is also a small metal D-ring to clip on a handy poop bag carrier. No more fumbling to pick up waste bags or searching your pockets. Just grab a fresh bag from the dispenser as needed.

With the Mercano leash, you can stroll in comfort while keeping your pup secure and under control.

Take Your Dog Walking Experience to the Next Level

Daily leash walks with your dog should be fun, not frustrating. Ditch the choke collars and flimsy harnesses and treat your pup to the comfort and security of the Mercano Dog Harness and Leash Set.

With its smart step-in design, adjustable custom fit, escape-proof hardware, and reflective accents, this harness provides the total pack for safe, secure walks. The included padded leash and poop bag holder add extra convenience to your strolls.

Bring happiness back to leash walks for you and your dog. Click Add to Cart now to get this ingenious harness and leash set! Your dog will thank you.


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